How I Double Traffic in 5 months

About of Project

Our client, a distinguished name among gold and silver sellers in Dubai, approached us with the goal of significantly increasing their online traffic and sales. They offer a robust online platform where customers can place orders for gold and silver directly through their website. Our mission was clear: to elevate their online visibility and attract more potential buyers.

Key Objective

Our primary goal was to enhance website traffic and, consequently, boost sales. Achieving this required a strategic approach to SEO and content creation.


Highly Competitive Market: The gold and silver industry in Dubai is incredibly competitive, with several well-established players already dominating the online space. Our client, being relatively new to the online market, needed to carve out their niche effectively.

Targeted Content Creation: Another significant challenge was producing content tailored specifically for investors. These individuals often face unique challenges and have specific information needs when it comes to investing in gold and silver, especially through online platforms.


To tackle these challenges, we developed a comprehensive SEO and content strategy:

Keyword Research

Our first step was conducting thorough keyword research. We generated a list of potential keywords that could drive traffic and then narrowed it down to high-intent keywords with strong commercial potential.

Content Optimization

With our chosen keywords in hand, we began optimizing the website’s existing content. This involved strategically incorporating high-intent keywords into key pages to enhance search engine visibility.

Targeted Content Creation

Next, we crafted content aimed at our target audience—investors. We focused on addressing common issues investors face, such as the intricacies of investing in gold and silver and the nuances of online transactions in this market.

Technical SEO Fixes

We also performed a comprehensive technical audit of the website. This audit revealed several issues that could hinder SEO performance, which we promptly addressed to ensure smooth operation and better search engine ranking.

High-Quality Backlinks

Finally, we concentrated on building high-quality backlinks. This involved guest posting, earning backlinks from reputable websites, PR links, and promoting our content on platforms like Reddit, Medium, and Quora. Our goal was to enhance the site’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.


We meticulously implemented our plan, ensuring each step was executed with precision. The process included:

  • Conducting keyword research and finalizing high-intent keywords.
  • Optimizing website content with selected keywords.
  • Creating targeted, informative content for investors.
  • Fixing technical issues identified during the website audit.
  • Building and acquiring high-quality backlinks through various reputable platforms.


Our efforts paid off, and within three months, the website’s traffic doubled. This significant increase not only boosted visibility but also translated into higher sales and customer engagement.