Go Traffic from 0 traffic per month to 2400 traffic per month in 6 Months.

About of Project

In the competitive Taxtech industry, generating traffic and B2B leads can be a challenging task. Our client, a leading company providing robust software solutions for e-Invoicing and e-Way bills, faced this exact issue. With the launch of their new website, they needed a strategic approach to drive traffic and attract potential business leads. Here’s how we helped them achieve a remarkable transformation from zero traffic to 2400 monthly visits in just six months.

Key Objective

Our primary goal was to increase website traffic and generate valuable B2B leads. We aimed to establish a strong online presence and make the client’s new website a go-to resource for businesses in need of Tax Tech solutions.


The project presented two significant challenges:

  1. SEO Foundation: Building a solid SEO foundation for the newly launched website.
  2. Targeted Content: Crafting content specifically aimed at business owners in the Taxtech industry.


To overcome these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy broken down into four key steps:

Keyword Research

We began with thorough keyword research, identifying potential keywords that could drive traffic. We focused on keywords with commercial intent and low competition to ensure quick and effective results. We finalized a list of high potential keywords that aligned with our goals.

Website Content Optimization

Next, we optimized the existing content on the website. By incorporating high-intent keywords into strategic locations on various pages, we enhanced the site’s relevance and visibility for search engines.

Creating Targeted Content

Understanding our audience was crucial. We identified common issues faced by business owners. We note down those pain points and convert those pain points into information blog content to attract them and continuously drive users into our last stage of funnel that we specifically created for this project. I was also focusing on research papers as it is in the finance industry. 

Technical SEO and Backlink Building

We conducted a thorough technical audit of the website, identified issues, and promptly resolved them. We also focused on building high-quality backlinks. This involved guest posting, earning backlinks from reputable websites, and leveraging PR links. Additionally, we promoted our content on platforms like Reddit, Medium, and Quora to further increase visibility and credibility.


With a clear plan in place, we implemented each step meticulously:

  • Conducted detailed keyword research.
  • Optimized website content with selected keywords.
  • Developed targeted articles and blog posts.
  • Addressed technical SEO issues.
  • Built high-quality backlinks and promoted content across various platforms.


The results were impressive. Within six months, we successfully increased the website’s monthly traffic from zero to 2400 visitors. This significant boost in traffic also led to a noticeable increase in B2B leads, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.