How I Rank keyword from 100+ position to 5th position in just 3 months.

About of Project

In the competitive Information Technology industry, our client sought to significantly improve their online visibility. Specifically, they aimed to rank a high-competition keyword from beyond the 100th position to the top 10 in the USA market within three months. The project focused on software project engineering, encompassing the entire lifecycle from designing and developing to testing, deploying, and maintaining software products. Our mission was clear: execute a robust SEO campaign to achieve this ambitious goal.

Key Objective

The primary objective was straightforward yet challenging: rank a highly competitive keyword from over the 100th position to within the top 10 in the USA market within a three-month timeframe.


Competition:  The keyword was dominated by large, well-established companies.

Content Strategy:  Creating content that effectively targeted and captured search intent was crucial.


To tackle these challenges, we developed a multi-step strategy:

Step #1: Comprehensive Keyword Research

We began with an extensive keyword research phase, identifying a broad list of potential keywords. We then narrowed it down to 5-7 keywords with strong commercial intent, ensuring they were highly relevant to our client’s services.

Step #2: Content Optimization

Next, we optimized the existing content. We strategically placed the primary keyword in the title, the first 100 words, and various headings. Secondary keywords were woven throughout the content to enhance relevance and searchability.

Step #3: On-Page SEO Enhancements

Our on-page SEO efforts included:

– Optimizing the URL structure, meta titles, and meta descriptions to include the primary keyword.

– Creating supporting blog content related to the targeted page, driving internal linking and topic relevance.

Step #4: Technical SEO Check

We conducted a thorough technical audit to ensure there were no issues hindering the page’s performance. Fortunately, the page was already in good technical shape, allowing us to focus on other SEO aspects.

Step #5: High-Quality Backlink Building

We executed a robust backlink-building campaign:

  • Guest posting on high-authority websites.
  • Securing PR backlinks.
  • Promoting content on platforms like Reddit, Medium, and Quora.
  • Developing a diverse backlink profile to strengthen the page’s authority.


We systematically implemented the plan, ensuring each step was meticulously executed. From keyword research and content optimization to on-page and off-page SEO efforts, every aspect was covered with precision.


At the end, we reach to 5th position from 100th+ position in 3 months of time period in this our successful campaign