How I Increase Traffic By 3X In 10 months

About of Project

In the competitive world of digital gold and silver trading, our client needed to significantly boost their online presence. As the leading platform for buying and selling digital gold and silver, they also offered SIPs and gifting options through their website and application. 

This case study explores our successful strategy to triple their web traffic over a 10-month period.

Key Objective

Our main goal was to increase the website traffic and expand the customer base. Achieving this required overcoming stiff competition from well-established names like Groww and Paytm and producing highly targeted content.


We faced two primary challenges:

  1. Stiff Competition: Competing against industry giants such as Groww and Paytm.
  2. Targeted Content Creation: Crafting content that would attract and engage potential customers.


To tackle these challenges and meet our objectives, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy:

Keyword Research

We began with thorough keyword research, generating a list of potential keywords.

We refined this list to high-intent keywords that aligned with our goals of converting visitors into customers.

Website Content Optimization

We integrated these high-intent keywords into the website’s content, ensuring that each page was optimized for relevant search queries.

Content Topical Authority Map

We developed a Content Topical Authority Map, outlining a strategic plan for creating pillar pages and supporting content.

These pages were meticulously optimized to cover essential topics comprehensively.

Technical Audit

We conducted a technical audit to ensure there were no underlying issues affecting site performance. Fortunately, no significant issues were found.

Building High-Quality Backlinks

We focused on acquiring high-quality backlinks through guest posts, PR links, and content promotion on platforms like Reddit, Medium, and Quora.

This effort included earning backlinks from reputable websites, which helped boost our client’s domain authority and search engine rankings.


We systematically implemented each of these steps, ensuring every aspect of our plan was executed to perfection. Our team continuously monitored progress, adjusted strategies as needed, and maintained open communication with the client.


By adhering to our well-defined strategy, we achieved remarkable results:

Traffic Increase: We tripled the client’s website traffic from 41.2K to 129K in just 10 months.